Melissa Cluny, MS, NSCA-CPT, C-HYI 200
Clinical Nutritionist, Wellness Coach, Personal Trainer, Holy Yoga Instructor

Melissa Cluny has a passion for health that started in childhood. In 2003, after several years of undergraduate study, she opened and operated a fitness center and deeply enjoyed her profession as a personal trainer and business owner. During this time she recognized common misuse of nutritional supplements and the misconception that you can out-train a poor diet. Information about nutrition that honored the body as a whole was missing. Based on her observations and a drive to better educate herself and her clients, she continued her studies completing a Master of Science in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport. Equipped with evidence-based, holistic strategies and a new holistic toolbox, she began to focus on whole body wellness. As it turns out, she would soon require each of these resources personally…

Life can sometimes bring you to your knees. After facing multiple personal trials, Melissa set aside her newly found passion for natural healing for a season. Caring for a Mother with Alzheimers, coping with multiple personal and family crises, including a miscarriage and the death of her beloved Father, she began feeling very unwell. This lead to a very dark time, lasting nearly a year. Tests performed during this period revealed Hashimoto’s thyroid disease and Lupus. This was a wake-up call for Melissa. How could she care for those she loved if she didn’t care for herself first?

Armed with the tools she had gained through her professional experience and education, the guidance of a gifted naturopathic doctor and the love and support of her family, and most importantly the mercy of a very gracious God, life as she knew it changed. Through a combination of emphatic commitment to a specialized diet designed for autoimmune disease and promotion of gut healing, a detailed detoxification protocol, release and cleansing of buried sorrows, a prayer and meditation practice, a very gentle yoga practice, nature bathing, rest and a most importantly tremendous faith in her Creator, things began to slowly improve. And improve they did!


Today, Melissa enjoys full recovery from her illness and a renewed zest for life and the purpose she was created for. She continues to be driven by her passion to help others live a balanced and flourishing life. The adversities of an autoimmune diagnosis and flare behind her, she has the unique perspective to encourage, empower and help others to find healing utilizing a wide range of tools including; proper nutrition, gut healing, detoxification, sleep hygiene, removing toxic mindsets/strongholds, stress management (through prayer/meditation/breathing exercises/yoga), targeted exercise, proper body alignment and overall enhancement of the immune system. She considers it a gift and a privilege to support her clients on their own journey to a life of Thriving.

What’s keeping you from living the life you were created for?